Argan Oil. Certified Organic. Cold Pressed. 100% Pure and Unrefined. Moisturizes, Nourishes, and Protects. For Skincare, Hair, and Nails


100% vegan, organic, cruelty free & parabens free

About this item

This luxurious Argan oil is certified organic, cold-pressed, pure and unrefined, making it an effective, natural moisturizer for skin, hair and nails. It nourishes, seals the epidermal lipid barrier and protects against free radicals, helping to slow down skin aging processes and speed up skin regeneration. It relieves inflammation, soothes and takes care of skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema and AD and is even gentle enough for use on infant and children's skin. Boosts hair and nails for a rejuvenated, healthy look.


Uses and Indications

  • Daily moisturizing and nourishing
  • Hydrolipidic layer repair (water loss prevention)
  • Soothing, anti-inflammatory

    Key ingredients


    Ingredients (INCI): Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil•

    • Certified organic ingredient


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