Cucumber, Excellent benefits for the skin

  • Moisturizes and protects the skin:

Being composed mostly of water, cucumber is the best ally to hydrate the skin, it also helps produce collagen and elastin that keep the skin young and healthy.

  • Fights wrinkles and aging.

The nutrients and active compounds in cucumber help firm and rejuvenate the skin of the face by increasing the oxygenation of the cells.

  • Prevents acne

Its vitamins A, C and E, eliminate toxins from the skin, making it a natural detoxifier. Its astringent properties help control and reduce excess oil, reducing the risk of acne.

  • Helps fight cellulitis:

The potassium, silicon and magnesium it contains help to smooth, tone and improve the appearance of the skin. The phytochemicals contained in cucumber make the collagen in the skin contract or tighten, preventing the appearance of the dreaded cellulite.

At Mokkan we take advantage of these properties to offer you the best of nature for your skin