Baobab Oil in skin care

Baobab oil is one of the best valued ingredients in Vegan or Organic cosmetics for its protection against skin damage involving heat. Baobab oil helps repair skin damage caused by sun exposure, laser hair removal, etc, while providing softness, nutrition and shine.

What is Baobab oil best for?

Baobab Oil Supports a Healthy Moisture Barrier for the Skin

Your skin's barrier is the outermost layer of the epidermis, which plays a key role in keeping skin hydrated. A healthy skin barrier locks in moisture, prevents skin from drying out, and keeps it soft and smooth. Over time, caring for the skin barrier will help prevent aging and maintain healthy, resilient skin.

Baobab oil contains vitamin E, which is excellent for moisturizing the skin and maintaining a healthy skin barrier.

Baobab Oil preserves collagen

Collagen makes up a third of the protein in your body and is what gives skin its strength and elasticity. The older we get, the slower collagen production becomes, so it's important to support your skin with a healthy diet and proper skin care. Baobab oil is rich in antioxidants which, when used on the skin, help preserve collagen and keep it strong and glowing.

Baobab Oil fights fine lines and wrinkles

Fine lines and wrinkles are caused by the breakdown of collagen.

UV rays, poor diet, lack of sleep, and more can cause collagen breakdown (and eventually wrinkles). Fortunately, the rich antioxidants in baobab oil help preserve collagen. In addition to retaining moisture for smooth skin, baobab oil keeps fine lines and wrinkles at bay by protecting against collagen breakdown.

Baobab Oil gently cleanses

Oil dissolves oil, so this is a great way to gently remove makeup and impurities at the end of the day.

Baobab oil is skin microbiome friendly

The skin microbiome is actually very important for healthy skin.  Baobab oil is pure, wildcrafted, and won’t interfere with the skin microbiome. Because of this, baobab oil is great for any skin type including oily skin, dry skin, and sensitive skin. 

Baobab oil fights acne

If you have oily, acne-prone skin, it seems like the last thing you would want to do is put even more oil on your face. However, baobab oil is actually good for oily skin. It’s lightweight, doesn’t clog pores, and moisturizes your skin to prevent the production of excess oil that leads to acne. Plus, baobab oil is gentle enough for sensitive skin and won’t cause irritation.

Baobab oil conditions hair

Hair needs moisture to keep it strong and healthy, and baobab oil potent moisturizing properties make it a great hair oil.

Baobab oil strengthens nails

Strong nails start with healthy cuticles, so keep them moisturized with a good cuticle oil. Baobab oil absorbs quickly and isn’t too heavy, making it a great moisturizer for your fingertips.

Baobab oil fights free radicals

Free radicals are unstable atoms in the body that can damage cells and cause aging by breaking down collagen. However, this damage can be prevented by molecules that neutralize free radicals: antioxidants! Baobab oil is packed with naturally-occurring antioxidants that protect your skin from oxidative damage and help prevent aging. 


Baobab oil reduces damage from UV rays

Baobab oil contains vitamin E, which has been shown to be beneficial for reducing skin damage caused by ultraviolet (UV) rays. Vitamin E can absorb the energy from UV light and prevent UV-induced free radicals skin damage. Baobab oil won’t replace your sunscreen, but it will definitely moisturize and protect your skin at the same time.

Baobab oil protects from air pollution

Pollutants can penetrate your skin’s barrier and cause free radicals to form. There’s no escaping air pollution completely, but you can protect your skin by applying baobab oil to exposed areas and let its free radical-fighting antioxidants do their job.

Do you want to include Baobab Oil in your daily skin care routine?

If you want to include Baobab Oil for your skin care, Mokann can offer you specialized products for each part of your body where this oil is a key ingredient.

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