Argan Oil for skin care

What is argan oil?

Also known as liquid gold, argan oil is produced from the seeds of the argan tree fruit, which grows only in Morocco.

Its high content of fatty, oleic, and linoleic acids and its high concentration of vitamins A and E (tocopherols) make it one of the best skin moisturizing and nourishing oils on the natural cosmetics market.

Argan oil skin benefits

Moisturizes the skin and repairs the skin barrier: Our skin is the main barrier against the environment, it not only keeps harmful agents out but also keeps inside vital components, like water. Time and exposure impair the skin barrier function and make us prone to skin conditions. The fatty acids and vitamins A and E present in argan oil, help maintain and rebuild the skin barrier and keep transdermal water loss to a minimum, thus preventing problems like atopic dermatitis and eczema.

Anti-aging: Free radicals are harmful molecules normally produced by our body, they are responsible for aging, inflammatory conditions, etc. The body naturally takes care of free radicals by neutralizing them with antioxidants like vitamin E, vitamin C, carotenes, etc. Argan oil is rich in these antioxidants that are easily absorbed and contribute to maintaining free radicals at bay, thus slowing aging, and preventing many skin conditions common at any age.

Hand, foot, and nail care:  Hands and feet are our most common point of contact with the environment. The skin in these areas is specialized containing a wide range of sensors that allow us to feel our environment and interact with it. Unfortunately, this also means that it will be subject to pressure, friction, temperature, chemicals, and moisture. The nutrients and fatty acids in argan oil do wonders in maintaining not only the skin barrier but also the elasticity and smoothness so important in these parts of our body.

Lip care: Just one or two drops on the lips provide protection from chapping and nourish the skin and underlying layers. The oil also keeps the skin of your lips soft, and supple. It is recommended to use especially in winter for people who suffer from chapped lips.

Can I put argan oil on my face overnight?

Yes, this oil is absorbed fast and all you will have in the morning is a silky and smooth sensation where it was applied.

Does argan oil brighten the face?

Argan oil can be used as a mild skin brightener and can be used to reduce dark spots and other forms of hyperpigmentation, however, this is not its main use.

Some more info about argan oil

If you are allergic to tree nuts, it can cause skin irritation or rashes.

When obtained from a reputable source argan oil is easy to apply and safe to use, as it is a natural and pure product.

The fact that its application requires only a few drops makes argal oil a very affordable skin care product.

It is important that argan oil comes from reputable sources and that is obtained by cold pressing. Argan oil should always be maintained in a dark glass bottle to prevent it from being degraded by sunlight or chemical interaction with the container.

The refined mass-produced oil, although cheaper, is exposed to high temperatures that reduce or eliminate its properties.

Do you want to include Argan Oil in your daily skin care routine?

Mokann argan oil is obtained from premium argan cold pressed in Morocco. We offer it in its pure presentation or as part of our skincare products where it's combined with other amazing ingredients.

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